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Such collaborations are rare in the home improvement industry, but are invaluable to the longevity of this business and indicative of McCormick Home Improvement’s unwavering commitment to your successful remodel or upgrade. One of the most important trademarks of McCormick Home Improvement is that they undertake only one project at a time, so there is no waiting around “between” jobs. Your project is their priority from start to finish. If you are contemplating of a home remodel, consider these words of praise from homeowners Dana and Mary Smith: “Chris and Kristen McCormick and their team of workers always kept us informed about scheduling, what we could expect and were very considerate of our time and property.,93412?content_class=1&town_id=1&sub_type=stories

To learn more about standby power and to determine what size generator best suits your needs, visit . 5. Landscaping Trees provide beautiful shade and backyard homes for birds and squirrels, but they can also cause great damage to a home during a storm. Hire an arborist to trim back limbs that hang over the house, or to remove trees completely if they are too close to the home.

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In fact, according to the National Association of Realtors, curb appeal is important to 71 percent of homebuyers. So beautify the outdoor space to attract possible buyers by focusing on small exterior improvements thatll pay off big like planting seasonal shrubs, painting the front door, refreshing a rusty mailbox or replacing old porch lighting with updated fixtures. These minor details will make a major and lasting statement.


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