Going On Vacation? Prepare Your Garden First – Yahoo News

“I set it up on a timer and every morning it goes on for an hour by itself and delivers a steady drip to my plants. It doesn’t waste any water to the air, like a sprinkler, and I can set it up to go wherever I want.” Easy Roller self-watering pots are also available for containers. Each holds up to 1 gallons of water in a reservoir at the bottom. Or fill a 2-liter plastic soda bottle with water and insert it onto an Aqua Stick, a green plastic cone which you then stick in the soil of potted plants. FENCING If you don’t already have some type of fencing in place, an electric or more traditional wooden fencing system might be something to consider to keep pests at bay. http://news.yahoo.com/going-vacation-prepare-garden-first-115018528.html

Bowie women wield cameras for canines — Gazette.Net

Four-week-old puppies resting July 24 at the Prince George’s County Animal Services Facility in Upper Marlboro.

Carter recruited Stumpf, her neighbor and fellow animal-lover, about five years ago and the two women formed Connie and Teri 4 Animals, a charity group with hundreds of supporters that is currently seeking nonprofit designation. In addition to taking photographs and videos of shelter animals, Connie and Teri 4 Animals fundraise for the shelter, make and donate animal bedding and toys, host an animal and adoption education show on the Bowie cable station, and circulate a newsletter to a group of about 300 community members. These [animals] just need someone to love them, Carter said. They just need a chance. Carter and Stumpfs largest fundraising effort so far has been Duncans Fund, a program they launched in May that is dedicated to raising money for shelter animals with medical needs, Carter said. Connie and Teri 4 Animals held two yard sales on July 19 and raised nearly $2,000, she said. http://www.gazette.net/article/20140729/NEWS/140729485/1029/bowie-women-wield-cameras-for-canines&template=gazette


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