Gei Global Energy Corp. Announces Due Carrare Municipality As Location For Italy Fuel Cell Deployment – Yahoo Finance

West Africans pray for deliverance from ‘devil’ Ebola – Yahoo News

Also, companies will be able to leverage the large scale methane and natural gas infrastructure system within Italy and the rest of Europe in support of grid independence and energy efficiency, concluded Berry. The pilot plant constitutes an example of a combined heat and power (CHP) fuel cell electric power generator to be installed within Europe and paves the way to creating a more efficient decentralized system of smart grids in accordance with new European environmental policies. About AISVEC AISVEC is an Italian economic association with a worldwide presence, supporting public authorities and private enterprises with easy access to credit facilities, investments, lobbying and bilateral agreements with foreign authorities and/or private partners.

“But you know what? There is no way this devil is going to do its work!” STARTED IN FORESTS OF GUINEA Though this outbreak was first identified in March in the remote forest region of southeastern Guinea, scientists have traced the first recorded case as far back as early December, to a 2-year-old boy near the town of Gueckedou. Many believe the virus was carried by fruit bats from central Africa, where it is regarded as endemic. Yet it is not clear how it jumped into the human population in West Africa. Quarantine measures imposed on infected communities have hit trade and food supplies in some of the world’s poorest countries.


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