Don’t Fall For Fall Home Improvement Scams | Fox Business

Department of Energy has advice on home energy audits (Theres a lot more to it than you probably think). Dont be victimized by fly-by-night companies. Finding contractors by using ads in your local newspaper or phone book could be inviting trouble. Its much better to get names of reliable companies from friends or relatives.

Sony Electronics And Sony Pictures Home Entertainment Join With Best Buy In… — SAN DIEGO, Aug. 14, 2014 /PRNewswire/ —

“Thanks to our renowned 4K acquisition, restoration and production facilities, movie enthusiasts can now enjoy such films as The Amazing Spider-Man 2 in both digital 4K and HD, as well as on Blu-ray Disc.” Multifaceted Campaign: The new 30-second spot has been specifically designed to motivate consumers to undergo a 4K Ultra HD demonstration at Sony Experience stores, which can be found in more than 350 Best Buy locations across the U.S. The campaign will be further supported by 50 in-store events, on-line media and also coinciding with a Best Buy circular on Aug. 17. “4K ultra high definition televisions represent a meaningful improvement in the home theater category,” said Hubert Joly, Best Buy president and CEO. “That is why we are pleased to offer customers the Sony Experience at Best Buy, allowing them to see for themselves how impressive this technology truly is.

The Bristol Press: Bristol, Conn., and surrounding areas (

18. On July 7, Curylo asked Mayor Ken Cockayne for directions and said he was doing some work on a nearby home, the mayor said Monday. He must not have known who I was, Cockayne said. Knowing Curylo was being investigated by police, Cockayne gave him directions and called the police, telling them where Curylo would be: a house on Geary Avenue. Police went to the address, arrested Curylo and charged him with second-degree larceny, offering home repair without a license, no notice of cancellation, failure to provide notice of cancellation rights and failure to provide oral cancellation rights. The homeowner, police said, was 93 years old. Curylo pleaded not guilty to all charges. He has a lengthy criminal history that includes charges of larceny and conspiracy to commit larceny. In March, his home improvement license was revoked, and he was ordered to pay about $30,000 to five former customers and $5,750 in civil penalties, according to a release from the Department of Consumer Protection.


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